You won't be disappointed!!

" I have worked with many brokers and Ali at Dash Realty is the best! He is honest, pays promptly, and offers all the support you need. He is the best broker in town for splits and fees so I would highly recommend Dash Realty. "

[Lori Murphy - Dallas]

The benefits of working with Ali are worth it

" I have found Muhammed Ali to be a very fair Broker/Owner and the fees this company charges are very fair to the associates. He returns my calls very promptly and seems to be very knowledgeable. I am a Broker/Associate so I really do not need to hang my license here; however, the benefits of working with Ali are worth it. "

[Sonja Boles - Broker Associate - Dallas]

Humble & Wonderful Broker

" It is my pleasure to write my statement about your compassion to help Realtors. I was with a big national franchise Real Estate Company since 1993 and received many awards, including Top Statewide Producers, Top 3% Nationwide Realtors and a Lifetime Achiever and Hall of Fame award. I want to enjoy my life and spend time traveling with my family more now. Mr. Mohammad-Ali Tukdi Broker of Dash Realty is a humble and wonderful broker who is very supportive and charges reasonable fees, including E&O to release my burden of huge Real Estate company fees. I appreciate Mr. Mohammad-Ali Tukdi as he gives me an opportunity to be the best Realtor for all my clients; I can care about them instead of worrying about more closings to pay office bills. I can enjoy my life more and achieve a higher purpose in my life. Thank you very much. "

Elizabeth Chang (formerly with Re / Max)

Dash Realty is the Future

" Keeping 100% of my hard earned commissions has allowed me to be in business for myself, but not by myself. I have the peace of mind of having a broker that stays on top of today’s changing Real Estate market, delivering up to date training's by different professional companies that come to our office to support our team, handling things such as Titles, Mortgages, Inspections, and Warranties. I finally found the perfect partner to leverage my Real Estate career. Coaching and mentoring is available to all agents who want to build a successful business. Dash Realty is the future. "

Ricardo Penagos (formerly with Casa Grande)

Experienced Broker with Knowledge

Great agent's support Positive Atmosphere Commission is great Monthly training classes are very helpful I simply give myself a $20K raise just by joining Dash Realty

Marisela Martinez (formely with Coldwell Bankers)

Dedicated & Organized Broker

" I have worked with other brokers in the past, Mohammad Ali Tukdi is the most professional, organized, dedicated hard worker I have had the pleasure of working with. Payments to me the agent, are on time. Ali's fee structure is extremely fair compared to others in the city. He offers training, and is always there to support any needs I have."

Marita Hartmann (formerly with Independent broker)

Ali is always there when we need him !!

" I appreciate my broker Mohammad-Ali Tukdi, he always take my calls and following up with me to make sure my issues have been resolved. I am lucky to have broker like him and great professional Dash team."

Katie Brigmon (former with Keller Williams)

Utmost Professional Broker

" I've worked for several real estate brokers in the Austin area and I have to say without reservation, Mohammad-Ali Tukdi in my opinion, is one of the top brokers in Austin. As long as I have know Ali, he's always operated with the utmost professionalimd, a great deal of integrity and about all honest and fair.

Mohammad-Ali truly cares about each agents success, always providing them cutting edge systems and tools make sure each agent is given the best opportunity to run their business successfully. I would highly recommend Mohammad-Ali for all your real estate needs, as well as broker to work for! "

Curtis Dulansky - Texas Realtor